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Welcome to the London Marathon Running Sports Injury Clinics for marathon runners, distance runners and ultra distance runners. The Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 race date is Sunday April 26th

If you have been successful with your Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 ballot entry or have a London Marathon charity place booked,  congratulations!

Our aim is to help you get back running in the fastest possible time, provide sports massage to ease tired aching muscles and give you advice on injury prevention.

We have the expertise to help runners with injuries to continue training and achieve their goals.

Novice runners who follow training plans can often pick up running injuries when the mileage increases.  It is important to get proper advice from the experts as delay will affect your recovery time.
Custom fitted prescription orthotics can be supplied and fitted for runners who overpronate and develop common injuries such as achilles tendonitis, shinsplints, runners knee, knee pain, IT band inflammation, plantar fasciitis, blisters, foot pain, heel pain, calf strains and pulled muscles.

Overpronating runners will develop injuries when they begin to step up to distances beyond 10k due to the increased mileage.
Poor biomechanics of the lower limbs and feet will not be able to cope with the repeated foot strike faults and injuries will follow.

Many practitioners fit orthotics these days but care must be taken to ensure the correction is designed and bespoke to your individual requirements.

Orthotics have many names, footbeds, foot inserts, shoe inserts, orthosis and arch supports but to be sure you get a device that allows you to run without discomfort or blisters. You need prescription orthotics measured and fitted correctly.

We favor semi rigid orthotics which offer an element of stability and biomechanical correction whilst having the flexibility when foot striking to allow the foot to perform its natural pronating activity. 
Training for the London Marathon, The 2015 Great North Run or the 2015 Birmingham Half Marathon which are major distance running events in the UK requires planning and dedication.

Running injuries will affect your training schedule and if not managed correctly force you to pull out of the event.  This is not only a disappointment to the runner but also has financial implications with sponsorship money and charity donations.

This running injury website has no direct association with the Virgin London Marathon although the Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull, Birmingham was on the 2009 Flora London Marathon approved sports injury clinic list which only accepts clinics if they pay a fee. We are dedicated to supporting all Marathon runners arrive at the start line injury free!

If you are a runner and need help with a running injury, we are the people to see. We have experienced Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Podiatrists who are runners themselves. 
Stability Running Shoes have limitations as they do not cater for someone with feet that have different prescriptions between the left and right foot.  Most people will have a different prescription on each foot, so the "off the shelf" running shoe only goes partly towards correcting an overpronating problem.

Next thing to look at is, the fact that if you need biomechanical correction and should be wearing orthotics, then you should wear them all the time!

Wearing correction via a running pair of trainers alone is no good, it means you are only wearing correction for the time you have the trainers on!

Your body will undergo changes when you alter your relationship with the ground via the stability running shoes.  As soon as you take them off your body will revert back again, which means your body will constantly be in a state of flux and result in injuries when you run extended distances.

The answer is to have prescription orthotics worn in all your footwear and then your body will have the correction it needs all the time.  You can then purchase neutral trainers and transfer your orthotic correction between each set of footwear.  Speak to the experts who know about running and running Injuries

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